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Refloating of the reefer vessel "Izumo Reefer" which had grounded in Puert Montt,
Chile. 1994

Refloating of the super yacht "Ocean 1", which when on new building trials before delivery to the new owners got water ingress via the jet nozzles. The yacht was purposely beached and because of that seriously holed in the engine room. The yacht was refloated by pumping. Put back on the cradle and pulled back via the slipway tracks into the building shed for repairs. Suez 2009

Refloating of the grounded passenger motor yacht "Indian Ocean Explorer II", which grounded on the reefs near Kilwa Masoko, Tanzania. 2011
The vessel was refloated towed into safety, where divers patched holes as far as deemed necessary for a safe journey to a repair yard in Mombasa, Kenya.