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Deep Sea Salvage and Treasure hunting

In 1989 the Russian nuclear submarine "Komsomolets" sunk to a water depth of 1760 metres in the Barentz Sea after an explosion. In 1994 deepsea surveys were executed on behalf of the Komsomolets Foundation in Brussels. These surveys were executed with a three men free sailing submarine. This made me the deepest sunk Dutchman.

The "John Barry" a US liberty vessel was torpedoed during the 2nd world war and lying sunk offshore Oman in a water depth of 2600 metres. She carried silver coins as a cargo. With a DP drilling vessel the majority of these coins have been brought to surface.

On the 1st photograph crew is seen digging and shoveling the retrieved coins into a bin for counting and saving in a secured hold.
Above you see copy of the issued certificate of authencity.