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Wreck removal operations

Carcarrier "REIJIN" on her maiden voyage - After having discharged 300 cars in Porto, Portugal and having disembarked the pilot she capsized with another 5600 brand new Japanese cars on board. She drifted, grounded and sunk at Madalena Beach 5 nm South of the Douro river entrance.

Discharge of cars is seen in progress. Here you see a lift of 4-5 cars, but the maximum one off lift achieved as a record has been a lift of 16 cars. Approximately 90 cars could be loaded on the aft deck of a supply vessel. (It must be said such an operation could be a proper treatment and cure against hooliganism.)

In the 2nd stage of the wreck removal operation the wreck was severed with explosives and a huge wreck grab. Here you see the landing of a 600 Ts bilge section onto the scrap barge for delivery at the ship breakers in Vigo/Spain

Passenger vessel Fiesta was removed in Pireaus harbour after she caught fire when repairs and cabin refurbishing were carried out. Fire fighting caused her capsizing. Here you see the landing of the bow section of approximate 1200 tonnes on the quay site for further in situ demolishing together with a part of the salvage team.